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IN JOY Fine Art's mission is to represent the greatest established contemporary artists, but also to make you discover emerging talents.


Through temporary exhibitions and one-off events, the gallery works to promote contemporary art. Our team of experts will be happy to share their knowledge and passion with you during your visit to its two galleries.


The first located in a recent shopping center in the new Cloche d'Or district in Luxembourg and the second - opened in 2020 - in the Royal Hamilius district in the heart of Luxembourg City.


See you soon !




As world famous artist, Cédric Bouteiller is exhibited in Paris, Bordeaux, Mykonos, Athens, Venice, Los Angeles, New York and even Shanghai.


As multi-talented artist, Cédric works with abstract painting as well with a very simple design: color, material and movement.


He's also at the crossroads of Street Art and Pop Art and uses techniques such as stencil, collage, graffiti, printing, drawing, etc.


Passionate about photography, he creates a universe in the snapshot, and his works from photomontage take an important part in his artwork. He reinvents and goes beyond simple photography with, among other things, work on the "Iconics", celebrities who inspire him and whom he will stage.



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